real wedding –  relaxed biscuit factory Edinburgh wedding with Kathryn The Celebrant

17 August 2020

Today’s wedding is a total peach, brought to us by also total peach Kathryn Hanson, Humanist celebrant – a relaxed, fun Biscuit Factory Edinburgh wedding, held on Friday 13th.

And it turned out to be very lucky for Arianne and Craig indeed, as they got married on Friday 13th March 2020 – a couple of weeks before The Virus That Shall Not Be Named locked the world down and stopped weddings going ahead. They’d also just come back from a mega ‘pre-honeymoon’ trip around Thailand – how they excused having a big holiday when they were meant to be planning a wedding, apparently, which we’re big fans of – as they are both passionate about travelling, and would far rather have saved money for more trips than for their wedding. That gives you an indication of the mega laidback vibes of this amazing wedding, so without further ado…

“The wedding was super casual – I have never met a more relaxed couple.” Kathryn says. They first messaged me pretty much saying “hey, we’re getting married in 6 weeks, and realised we’d need someone to marry us, are you free?”. I knew we’d get along when Arianne asked if I would wear my Doc Martens for the ceremony. They wanted their ceremony to be a reflection of who they are, without any preconceived ideas of a wedding. No one walked down an aisle – the ceremony began with the two of them simply standing together, in equal partnership. They only had their closest friends and family, and instead of bridesmaids – it was her bridesquad.”

They got married at the Biscuit Factory, a cool, industrial Edinburgh wedding venue. “The Biscuit Factory Edinburgh suited them perfectly – unique, non-traditional and a bit edgy. The large space was broken up in different areas, thanks to the beautiful styling of Gloam.”

Kathryn is a Humanist celebrant, which allows for totally personalised wedding ceremonies. “It was hilarious from start to finish – Arianne and Craig shared their best material with me. Instead of writing their own vows, they wrote vows for each other – containing a few stipulatons (like Craig not being allowed to get his bum tattooed).

Despite them insisting they were not a romantic couple and were not wanting any cheesiness, throughout the ceremony you could see how much they loved each other – they were beaming every time they looked at the other, cracking up laughing, and enjoying having a day to celebrate who they are.

And… making up their own symbolic gestures for the ceremony – tequila shots! Why? Tequila, it makes you happy!”