in honour of #nationalstationeryweek –  Our top 9 design-led UK wedding stationers

26 April 2020

Happy National Stationery Week! In honour of that, we thought it was the perfect time to share our top UK wedding stationers at the moment – whether you’re looking for colourful, creative wedding stationery, or the modern, minimalist, foiled wedding stationery of dreams, we’ve got your back.

Feast your eyes on these beauties: our top 9 modern UK wedding stationers!


Alf and Alba

Alf and Alba is a colourful, creative wedding stationery studio based in Lancashire. Emma is a triple threat: with beautiful stationery, venue illustrations and couple cartoons all as part of her remit. We love her bright and bold designs, and the ability to immortalise poignant details of your weddings in gorgeous art forever!


Brahmin Lettering Co

Whether you’re looking for fun, relaxed, beautifully handlettered wedding stationery or bespoke, romantic wedding backdrops, Caitlin from Brahmin Lettering Co is a modern calligraphy queen. Her handlettering style oozes the ornate, luxurious elegance of traditional calligraphy, but with a stylish, contemporary twist. As well as invitations and wedding stationery suites, she also creates beautiful handlettered wedding backdrops (the perfect decor to pack for overseas weddings!) and hosts modern calligraphy workshops too.


Com Bossa

modern uk wedding stationery

Pattern, paper, print and passion are the driving forces behind Com Bossa, a Scottish based stationery studio. Richard and Suzanne are partners in life and partners in business, committed to bringing only the most gorgeous foil and letterpress wedding stationery to the world. They even use a vintage press for all of their foil stationery – think of all the love stories it’s seen! photo by Kellee Quinn Photography


EYI Love Studio

modern uk wedding stationery

The next on our list of modern UK wedding stationers are EYI Love Studio. EYI Love Studio are the living, breathing example of how luxury doesn’t need to be exclusive or cold; it can ooze love, emotion, warmth and feeling. Jack and Lorna’s combine their clean, minimalist aesthetic with sumptuous paperstock and gorgeous colour palettes to produce stunning, stylish stationery that anyone would DREAM of having land on their mat. Their finishing details are in a league of their own too, a testament to how much love and attention Lorna and Jack put in to each and every brief.



modern uk wedding stationery

We’re about 95% sure that Fold are paper wizards, but we haven’t yet confirmed that (we’ll be sure to update you when we do). Sarah and Hannah have all the skills up their stylish sleeves to produce bold, beautiful, punchy wedding stationery for modern, design-led couples. Print, shape, texture, pattern and paper-cutting are all strings to their bow, and we’re constantly bowled over by their modern, uber cool wedding stationery designs.


Jack and Jess

Jack and Jess are modern UK wedding stationers who not only have a commitment to great design, but also to saving the world. They offer eco-friendly wedding stationery to couples having relaxed, stylish weddings, and use gorgeous fonts and punchy yet elegant designs to make them a joy to receive.


Paper Skeleton

modern uk wedding stationery

Karla’s graphic design experience POPS out of every single beautiful design she does, and our eyes can’t HANDLE the beauty. Paper Skeleton is firmly on our list of fave modern UK wedding stationers because of her contemporary designs, which leave no stone unturned. Not only are they stunningly designed for style-conscious couples, but also meticulously thought out, always prioritising how you want your guests to feel when they open them up. Take her signature genius Zinevites, for example, mini, editorial, curated zine-style invites to showcase all your wedding details. Ticks. Every. Box.


Skinny Malink

modern uk wedding stationery

Skinny Malink specialises in effortlessly cool wedding stationery, perfect for couples who are going to celebrate in style. She takes inspiration from the natural world, like flower shapes, ripples and seedheads, and combines them with a sartorial, modern twist, with elegant fonts and foil detailing. We’re also obsessed with her wax seals and the pouring videos she does!


The Unlikely Painter

The Unlikely Painter is a Glasgow-based signpainter bringing a bit of rock ‘n’ roll edge to weddings. Whether you’re looking for a handpainted table plan, gold leaf sign or custom leather, Stephen’s edgy inspiration and meticulous steady hand will set you apart.