whilst it's hanging in your wardrobe... –  How To Look After Your Silk Wedding Dress At Home

9 April 2020

Due to wedding postponements, you may currently have a rather beautiful, rather more-expensive-than-the-rest-of-your-clothes wedding dress hanging in your wardrobe for longer than you’d anticipated. How do you look after expensive silk wedding dresses at home?

We’ve got the lovely Laura Ironside on the blog today to tell you how to take care of your silk wares, so that they’ll be good as new when you finally get to wear them outside.


1. Always store clothes clean

Delightfully, moth larvae feed on human hair and skin – not a sentence we thought we’d ever utter on a wedding blog – and residual perspiration provides moisture for them to survive. Make sure your items are clean to fend those pesky moth babies off! This should be pretty easy, unless you’ve been wearing them in the lounge for video calls (no judgement if you have, by the way).


2. Store your clothes correctly

Store your garments either folded in breathable cotton bags, or hung in breathable cotton garment bags, and keep these in a dark, dry place. Avoid plastic sealed containers, as these may let in moisture and cause the silk to yellow – and we don’t want that! Moisture allows any moth eggs present to thrive and become moth larvae, which are the chief nibblers.


3.  Periodically shake your clothes in the light

If you’re storing your dress for a long period, take your clothes out every now and again for a good shake. Air your garments in bright light too – little moth larvae hate disturbance and light!


4. Use natural anti-moth repellant

You can get natural anti-month repellants like cedar blocks, which you can throw into the bag with your silk clothing. This will add fragrance, which deter moths from laying eggs anywhere near your gorgeous silks!


And there we have it! The four-step solution to keeping your beautiful silks in tiptop shape whilst you’re waiting for your wedding day – and if you haven’t got yours yet, head over to Laura’s profile to see her beautiful outfits.