creative wedding florists in the UK –  Our 15 top UK wedding florists

19 April 2020

Flowers are such a big part of a wedding day, you want to make sure you’ve got them right. For this reason, we’ve rounded up our 15 top UK wedding florists – the hottest, most creative, most mind-blowing floral artists we have right now – to help!


Days of Dahlia

purple wedding bouquet UK wedding florist

Days of Dahlia are a mother-daughter duo specialising in creative, sustainable wedding floristry. Their style is wild, natural, and romantic, using entirely seasonal produce from their own Scottish flower garden and other local growers. We love their floral arrangements, which are so arranged so gently, yet so boldly and impactfully.



yellow bridesmaids dreses with all white floral bouquets

Lauren from Fleuressence marvels at both the dainty and the daring, producing thoughtful floral wedding arrangements every single time. With a background in visual merchandising, each of her bouquets is a carefully considered representation of who it’s carried by; every arrangement a perfect reflection of the couple. We love how she can lend her hand to deep, rich jewel-coloured hues as deftly as this stunning all-white triumph above. photo by Caro Weiss


Flowers Vermilion

floral installation staircase

Flowers Vermilion is where fashion and flowers meet. Imagine bold colour, striking shape, playful spirit and retro inspiration, all mixed with the breathtaking presence of Dutch Masters paintings…and then you’re getting close to Terri’s incredible arrangements! Combining her experience as a set dresser, artist, gardener and florist, her creativity puts her on our list of the Top UK Wedding Florists for sure.



Floral Ménagerie

pastel coloured wedding bouquet

Flowers can be pretty and soft and still have an edge – Floral Mènagerie’s designs are proof of that! Lisa works with the boldest colour pop palettes as well as muted, toned down shades to create dramatic floral arrangements. Her fine art floristry style means everything is breathtaking, whether it’s a buttonhole or a full scale backdrop.



Hedges and Flowers

cream coloured big floral bouquet

If you’re looking for garden-style florals bringing delicious edge to soft, feminine style – may we introduce you to Hedges and Flowers. Elise plays with texture and colour, showing that natural doesn’t have to be boring. Au natural can be pretty perfect, if you ask us!



Kim Dalglish

autumnal wedding bouquet filled with roses

Bold, blousy and beautiful is the name of the game with Aberdeen-based Kim Dalglish. But she doesn’t just let the size do the talking; as a self-confessed flower geek, each and every flower is chosen carefully to come together in a luxurious, opulent floral display. Photo by Emma Lawson



Petal and Feast

wild blousy wedding bouquet

Petal and Feast aren’t just owners of a gorgeous Sussex wedding venue – oho no. They really do live up to their promise to be ‘purveyors of wedding goodness’ by also offering beautiful flowers, with a natural, unstructured, wild and wonderful look. A lot of their flowers are homegrown, and the provenance of each stem is as important as the look of it; if it’s going to be part of your love story, it needs to have had a love story of its own.




delicate yellow table flowers

Edinburgh’s famous and beloved wedding florists, PYRUS, started as a cutting garden to grow unusual, delightful-looking and delicious-smelling flowers that were frustratingly hard to locate elsewhere in the country. They’ve blossomed (pun intentional) into a floristry studio and school who are known for their sustainable, sensational arrangements. They use seasonal flowers and foraged botanicals to create stunning flowers for creative, conscious couples – and we love every single one! Photo by Taylor and Porter



Rose and Ammi

neutral wedding arrangement at altar

You may know Rose and Ammi as a super cute flower shop in Edinburgh’s Tollcross, but did you know they also deliver beautiful wedding flowers across Scotland too? They specialise in romantic and relaxed floral arrangements, whether that’s big and rambling or dinky and neat.



Sparrow and Rose

wild rambling wedding bouquet

Sparrow and Rose firmly earn their place on our Top UK Wedding Florists list due to their moody and magnificent floral style. Whether you’re looking for wedding installations bursting with foliage, or bouquets studded with frilly, larger-than-life blooms, Lisa’s able to completely translate your vision. photo by Karol Makula



Studio Seapink

dried floral cloud

Studio Seapink specialises in jaw-droppingly creative flowers with a heart felt sustainable ethos. Her flowers evoke the call of nature; fragile and strong, rambling and wild yet perfectly formed. Jenny’s also a member of the Sustainable Floristry Network, meaning that she’s an exceptionally eco-friendly wedding florist too!

Studio Seapink



Style Your Spaces

dried fronds and flowers installation

Style Your Spaces specialise in large-scale creative floral installations for style-conscious weddings. There’s a reason they have space in their name, because their romantic, modern floral arrangements are all crafted with space in mind; whether that’s a wall installation, a suspended floral cloud or bouquets so arresting you can’t take your eyes off them, everything is perfectly considered. They smash maximalist floral design and minimalist floral design – basically, the whole package! Photo by Joanna Eliza Photography



Tupelo Tree

foraged foliage wreath wedding backdrop

Whatever you think you know about the word ‘rustic’ – think again. Tupelo Tree specialises in woodland-style floral arrangements, which look manage to look simultaneously freshly foraged and wild, whilst also looking carefully curated. Giant messy bouquets with huge blooms, her signature green canopies that bring the outside into a wedding venue, moss, branches – Natasha uses it all, in a way that we absolutely adore.



Wild Flower Workshop

yellow and pink tropical wedding bouquet

Barbara, the woman behind Wild Flower Workshop, must be part florist, part artist, part architect, and a full-time creative genius. With a background in art and design, her floral arrangements use colour masterfully whether they’re muted shades or bold jewel tones; and their shape is almost sculptural. She uses seasonal blooms, inspired by the beauty of Scottish seasonal flowers. In her own words, ‘Flowers, like landscape, aren’t neat or precise things – and I want my work to celebrate that in all it’s wild joyfulness!” We can get behind that!



Wild Iris Studio

Retro bohemian florals with macrame

Wild Iris Studio embodies the ‘moho’ wedding vibe, with modern bohemian goodness oozing out of every arrangement. Their retro inspired wedding flowers perfectly blend the trendy with the timeless, resulting in kickass flowers with bold colours and delicious textures. photo by Northern Aye