a brilliant burst of joy –  laidback Guardswell Farm wedding with marigold wedding dress

23 March 2020

Are you ready for your eyes and heart to be BLESSED with the most gorgeous of weddings ever? A whole BURST of sunshine? Feast your eyes on the below beauty, a laidback outdoors wedding seeing Alana and Paul surrounded by their nearest and dearest, featuring the cutest dog Audrey and the most gorgeous yellow dress from Sarah Seven. Inspiration and good vibes APLENTY.

Of course our gals at The Little White Cow were on the styling, with an outdoors ceremony space and a beautiful long feasting situation to style inside too. Alana and Paul went for a pared back, moho (that’s modern bohemian, to you and I) vibe, with lots of fluffy grasses and homely features like patterned rugs and mismatched glassware on the tables. The TLWC team also handmade place settings for the guests from organically shaped black Fimo clay, to go atop their speckled plates. They were on stationery service too, creating a deliciously sunny yellow table plan to welcome guests in from outside, and a modern af angular focal piece displaying their names. When we asked Jean & Kate what their fave parts of the wedding were, this is what they said:

“Meeting the couple. They are tremendous people. Being at Guardswell. Meeting the Kitchen East team. The dress. Using pops of the marigold colour through the styling. (Alana gave me a cutting of her dress to get it paint matched at B&Q. I still have it. Don’t quite know what to do with it.) How relaxed everyone was padding about post yoga pre wedding. The table top design – smaller numbers meaning we could go LUXE with the crockery etc.”

So not much then, hey?

This wedding is the perfect example of how laidback can feel like total luxury – they gathered their friends for a pizza party the night before, and hosted a yoga session the morning of the wedding. (If that’s not marital bliss, we don’t know what is.) – so They just wanted to get married, then host the best ever dinner party – have you ever heard anything more perfect? You have not.

And SPEAKING of food, as mentioned above Kitchen East were the ones behind the (four-hour, seven-course) meal, smashing round after round of delicious food served by excellent people. Kate and Jean commented that they wish the smell of cooking came through the photos, and we think that’s about the only thing that didn’t – Jenn Brookes has managed to captured everything else with such skill, that joy exudes from every single shot of this sun-drenched day. She specialises in emotional, experimental photography, and her mixture of digital and film documentary photography perfectly captured a day that was both of those and more. Scroll through the gallery for the most gorgeous joy you’ve ever seen!