Solen Photography + the Chachi Power Project –  How to deal with body worries & being camera-shy on your wedding

17 February 2020

Edinburgh-based wedding photographer Solen and intersectional body positivity ambassador Danni are coming together this week to film something to address the worries of body image on your wedding day, and how to deal with them and help alleviate them too.

It’s a topic that really needs more people to talk about, as there just aren’t enough conversations happening or resources available for those who are going through it, so Solen & Danni are going to change that.  For that, they need your help – so make sure you DM them your questions! We chatted to Solen about the project below…


Who is Danni?

Danni Gordon is a wonderful human who I was introduced to through a mutual friend as someone who might be keen to get involved in a personal portrait project I was beginning around mental health and on the subject of ‘unhelpful words’ that we carry around. Danni very kindly was my first guinea pig for the project and I just knew that it’d be a great idea to chat to her about this subject too as she’s an incredible hardworking advocate for positive self image, body confidence and turning your personal negative self beliefs and coping strategies into postitive empowering ones. You’ll find her at Chachi Power Project and she’s also an ambassador for the Be Real campaign


What’s your experience of this as a wedding to and why did you choose to talk to her about this?

I find that I work with a lot of couples who are camera shy, but often when they say that they are actually ridiculously photogenic and are just not particularly self confident. This is my 7th year working for myself as a photographer, mainly shooting weddings and it comes up time and again. It’s something, along with issues like sustainability, that I think we in the industry should all be having a more open dialogue about and you never know who might find it helpful. I openly share my own experiences around mental health and self confidence on my blog so it’s an extension of exploring that and hoping that I can connect with and be of service to people.


Why is this issue so important?

It’s hugely important. I think we all have spots, scars, folds, rolls, hairs, bald spots, stains, sweat marks and asymmetry that entire industries are exploiting us around by making us feel bad for being human. Not just at weddings, every day. Magazines, social media, brands, certain celebrities and cultural issues all add pressures on us from a super early age. As the saying goes, ‘In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.’ So we’re going to explore the rebellion!! There’s so much pressure on couples to be looking the very best they’ve ever looked, to be preened and trim and glossy for their weddings and it should so be about the fact that they’re having this celebration to accept each other for who they really are. And that extends to bridal parties and groomsmen and guests too. Maybe if we have an open chat around these issues it can help people to feel less alone with their own struggles or source some solutions and love and acceptance for themselves.


What’s the talk gonna be/what do we have to look forward to?

We’re gonna rant on video and then post bits up on instagram TV and probably on our blogs too. We’ll chat about whatever topics folks care to share with us – so please feel free to DM either Danni or I on instagram or email me with your experiences, comments and questions. All your chat is in the strictest confidence, we’re here to do this to hopefully support each other, not to shame or judge anyone for their feelings so feel free to share in a safe space. We’ll also chat about some tips for places to find body positive stories and what partners can do to help anyone going through issues with body confidence. We are keen to hear from those currently experiencing self doubts around their body and brides, grooms and guests who have found issues affected them around past weddings, whether its to do with a post-baby body or displaying tattoos and scars or whatever has caused some difficulties. We are also very open to those within the industry sending us their tips and experiences and comments on improvements they feel we can all work on. Thanks for your time.