wedding style –  retro wedding aesthetic inspo from McGlynn Sisters and Flowers Vermilion

27 January 2020

Delicious 70s retro wedding inspo is where it’s at today with the colourful, creative dream duo that is McGlynn Sisters & Flowers Vermilion.

We love Katy & Lauren’s creative photography, and adore Terri’s incredible, textured floral arrangements, so when they came together to produce this evocative, ethereal set of shots, we knew it would be a dream come true – and it is!

“We met Flowers Vermilion at a The Wedding Collective market and crossed our fingers that we could work with her someday and it was just our luck that she is best pals with the amazing size inclusive underwear designer What Lydia Made. Lauren started following Lydia on Instagram a while ago and we both absolutely loved her underwear sets, and her Instagram feed is full of lush babes modelling awesome pants sets made to make them feel amazing and you can tell that they do! We also love both Terri & Lydia’s colour pallet & 70s/art/punk aesthetic. Terri really has such a knack for putting together something that is both strikingly modern and yet gloriously vintage.”