patchwork have got your back –  the alternative honeymoon fund you’ve always wanted – patchwork

21 November 2019

Now that the sun’s well and truly put his hat away for another year, we’re turning our attention from summer holidays to honeymoons. Whether you’re planning a blow-out, once-in-a-lifetime trip right after your wedding, a minimoon a couple of weeks after, or a family moon that fits around termtime, honeymoon costs can start to stack up quite quickly (especially when you’re planning a wedding at the same time!)

A lot of couples are now opting for contributions to their honeymoon as their wedding gifts, because let’s face it – you’re probably already living together and aren’t in grave, desperate need of a crockery set. This is where our brilliant pals Patchwork come in!

Patchwork are an alternative gift registry platform, which you can use as an alternative honeymoon fund too. Instead of asking for traditional giifts, Patchwork allows your guests to ‘make’ and ‘do’ stuff for you, as well as ‘fund’. For example, if you’re planning a roadtrip around Europe but have paid for most of it already, you could ask your nearest and dearest to ‘do’ by recommending you their favourite spots along your route. Alternatively, they could ‘make’ you a playlist for one leg of the journey, with all of the era-defining songs from when you met to now. All of this, on top of the classic funding idea too – for that pastry from the world-renowned restaurant, or that cablecar ride for unforgettable views.

Not only can their honeymoon patchworks be a modern upgrade of a traditional wedding gift list for you, but they also allow you totally flexible honeymoon gifting: you can choose exactly which parts of your honeymoon you’d like to ask people to fund. Because you can see exactly who got you what from your Patchwork, it’s also a really nice way of having your nearest and dearest play a part of your honeymoon, even halfway across the world. When you’re drinking those cocktails at the top of the Standard, or eating fresh fish on the beach in Thailand, you know precisely who gifted you that experience.

So, how do you create a Patchwork? Here’s the process:

  1. Create your Patchwork. Either start from scratch, or choose a template from their list to give you some ideas.
  2. Customise your patches. You can choose what you’d like people to contribute, and whether it’s a do, a make, or a fund.
  3. Link your paypal and/or Stripe, so the money goes straight to you!
  4. Choose your customisable URL and publish it
  5. Share it with your friends and fam, on your paper invites and wedding websites
  6. Watch the patches be fulfilled, and say thank you to your guests when you’re sunning it up!

Head to their profile to get started on building your honeymoon template, and give us a shout when you get yours up and running!