alternative honeymoon ideas –  our top honeymoon destinations with Patchwork

28 November 2019

Last week we expressed our love for Patchwork, the alternative honeymoon fund that will let you fund and facilitate the honeymoon you actually want; but this week we thought we’d tease ourselves even further by planning our own.

You can either create your own patchwork from scratch, but if you’re overwhelmed by the sudden choice you’re faced with, they have some templates you can start yourself off with. Here are our personal faves from the collection:


Gill – California living

This template has it all. Not only is there the option to stay in gorgeous accommodation that’s so much nicer than a package deal, but there’s also some lovely treats along the way that would be even nicer to be enjoyed from friends: wine tours, fried shrimp along the boardwalk, and coffees to keep us going too.

See the template here: Alternative California honeymoon fund


Ellie – New York, New York

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of and all that – in a famously expensive city, the flexibility of this template allows gifts big and small (both as loved as the other!)

See the template here – Alternative New York honeymoon


Chris – Cape Town

We had our honeymoon in Cape Town, and it says everything you need to know about it that if I had my time again, I’d still do the same. The patchwork template is a great starter for a gorgeous city.

Find the template here: Alternative Cape Town honeymoon

Head to Patchwork’s profile to find out more about their alternative honeymoon fund and what you can do with it!