real wedding –  A Cool, Minimalist Harry Potter Wedding From The Little White Cow

29 July 2019

We refer to Jean and Kate from The Little White Cow as styling wizards on the reg because of their incredible wedding styling abilities, but today’s wedding has taken it to a whole new level.

Carolyn and Tom wanted wedding with Harry Potter elements, but still the classic TLWC good taste and sleek style. What Jean and Kate created was a perfect blend of Hogwarts magic with uber-cool interiors; pared-back whilst also being arresting and enchanting; minimalist and at the same time, maximalist. Basically, if you crossed JK Rowling with Laura Jackson, this may well be the result.

The wedding was held at the gorgeous Comrie Croft, where the girls set to work transforming the barn venue into a twinkly Great Hall. With draped fabrics, dark tablecloths, shedloads of candle sticks (sadly, not the magical floating kind), and lots of moss, the The Little White Cow ladies showcased rich opulence and indulgence, and helped foster a feeling that something magical was about to go down. A colour palette of mustard, burgundy, deep green and sapphire for the table cloths and decor brought it back to Harry Potter in a stylish way. There were also more overt references to our bespectacled protagonist, with a trolley full of suitcases ready to disappear through a solid brick wall, potions as favours, and a mirror with a beautiful serif stencil saying “It was always you” on their way into the ceremony area

But the piéce de resistance, pals (did they teach French at Hogwarts? In between all the potions and fighting?), was the seating plan. Each person had an escort card with their name on which was in one of the four colours, showcasing which house they were in and therefore which table they’d be sat on. Each card was attached with a brass clip, making it super sleek, and GOSH did it look good when guests came to view it!