real wedding –  Industrial Lush Forgans Wedding Styled By The Little White Cow

6 May 2019

Marrying an unfussy, minimalist wedding aesthetic with a super fun party vibe isn’t easy, but the gals at The Little White Cow have done it FLAWLESSLY. (Although, to be frank, we’re not surprised. The girls are styling genii.)

As huge fans of Mykonos and Bali, Sarah and Bryan wanted to bring a beach bar vibe to Forgans, and the relaxed, romantic vibes that come with it. “They let us run wild and free with the ceremony decor, allowing us to do what we thought would work on the one proviso that there would be lots and lots of candles!” Jean and Kate from The Little White Cow explain. “The venue, Leng Memorial Chapel, is a spectacular location atop a hill and the light is genuinely unbelievable. It’s made of a gorgeous french sandstone and felt really magical, so we went ‘west wing of the castle’ Beauty and the Beast over grown and romantic (and not scary at all).” They used palm fronds to decorate the walls, and used some of their props to create a signing area.

They then moved onto Forgans, St Andrews for their reception. Kate and Jean worked with the industrial space and it’s gorgeous light to create an industrial-meets-lush vibe, with props and furniture at every corner to make it feel homely. They also transformed the bar at Forgans into the pink tiki beach bar, with a straw roof and obligitary margaritas and mojitos! St Lucia or St Andrews? Nobody knows…

Thanks to Lamb Loves for these stunner hunner photos!