vintage wedding inspiration –  Dreamy Vintage Bridal Inspo with Those Were The Days Vintage and Melody Joy Co.

13 May 2019

BE STILL OUR BEATING HEARTS. I’ve never moved as fast as I did when I first laid eyes on these beaut images – we slid STRAIGHT into Melody Joy Co.’s DMs asking to feature it in all of its glory. The shoot took place in Queensferry, and features some drop dead gorgeous vintage dresses from Edinburgh-based Those Were The Days Bridal.

We’re talking frills, soft fabrics, fringing, broderie anglaise, and a blend of Americana-esque ruffles and Victoriana-esque high necks…all paired with uber cool chunky boots and jackets to bring these vintage pieces bang into the modern era. Having a dress that looks just as good rippling in the fierce wind on the beach and taking to the cobbled hills of Edinburgh is no mean feat, but these dresses smash it. Plus, the deliciously creamy tones of Melody’s work bring the beauty of Scotland into a whole new light.

The stories which they could tell are part of the alluring charm of vintage dresses – especially wedding dresses! Being part of a wider love is so magical – and so having a crazily talented documentary photographer who can create such a stunning narrative around them too just seems like an absolute no-brainer, right?