by cosmos floral design –  how to make the most of your wedding flowers

11 April 2019

When you’re looking to choose your wedding flowers, there’s lots of things to think about: colour palettes, arrangement styles, budget and seasonality. But it’s also great to think about their long-lasting effects in real life as well as your wedding photos!

We chatted to the lovely Sophie from Cosmos Floral Design for her top florists’ tips on making the most of your wedding flowers, and how to take them through from the morning of to weeks and weeks afterwards.

Making the most of your flowers

In terms of making the most of your wedding flowers on the big day, be realistic about your budget! It would be fabulous to have the whole venue filled with flowers, but most of us can’t stretch to this kind of decoration! If you have a limited budget, concentrate it on one or two important pieces that make a statement. This will give you a beautiful focal point in the room. If you try to spread a small budget over many areas, you won’t get such a good impact. Put flowers in practical places so they can be enjoyed in their best position, for example flowers on the floor will look beautiful along the aisle, but they could be moved to a mantlepiece or placed on the windowsills after the ceremony so they will still be seen by your guests.

Consider the style of your venue when choosing your flower colours. If you’re getting married in a bright, airy loft and choose some colours to brighten the space up. If you’ve chosen a beautiful old castle, perhaps a moodier colour palette of tea stained pinks and burgundy or mustard, heavy cream and gold would give you a more atmospheric look.


Keeping your flowers fresh on the day

Flower care starts with your florist, who will carefully condition each stem so it’s at its best on the day of your wedding. There are a few simple things you can do to maximise the life of your flowers, so you can enjoy them for as long as possible!

Make sure you keep your bouquet in water until you’re ready to walk down the aisle. Just give the stems a quick pat dry and you’re ready to go. After the ceremony, pop your bouquet into a vase with a few inches of water in the bottom. It doesn’t have to be loads, just enough that your flowers can get a little drink.

Head to Cosmos Floral Design‘s profile to see more of her work and what she can do for your wedding!

Keeping your wedding flowers fresh afterwards

Change the water in your vase every few days to keep it fresh, and cut a cm or two off each stem at an angle every 5-6 days. This makes it possible for your flowers to absorb the water they need to survive. If you have an arrangement in floral foam you can also top this up with water every couple of days.

There are several companies who are able to professionally preserve your wedding bouquet, but if you want a simpler alternative, choose a few of your favourite stems and press them in between paper in a flower press or underneath some heavy books.

Not all flowers dry and press well, so choose smaller or flatter heads like anemones, corn flowers, or freesia. Hydrangea heads also dry beautifully! Hang roses upside down in a dark, dry space like an airing cupboard, but remove other softer stems which may rot and in turn spoil your roses. Some flowers like ranunculus will dry out if just left in an empty vase. Make sure they have a bit of space, as too many stems squashed together can often go mouldy!