new greenery and wildflower packages –  how to weather-proof your wedding

4 April 2019
industrial glamour wedding

You can do as many sundances as you want and obsessively check Accuweather everyday in the 3 year run-up, but still there’s no way of ensuring nice weather for your wedding day.

But windy and wet wedding days are just as magical as sunny ones, and one of the main reasons they are is because Brolly Bucket exists. Providing stylish umbrellas for you and your guests, as well as cosy blankets for night time wanders and cushions to make rustic wedding seating that little bit comfier, Rosie can help keep your wedding weather worries at bay.

And not only are they super practical, but they’re super beautiful too. In response to doing so many foliage and floral led weddings, as well as beautiful weddings at family homes, they’ve launched brand new greenery and wildflower hire packages to make it even simpler and sleeker for you to weatherproof your wedding.

“Packages are always a reassuring, simple way for clients to hire so we settled on designing 30 lovely green umbrellas + 2 willow stands to display them in!

Within the collection we have our Greenery Umbrella package. We have seen a huge increase in hires for darker tones (not just white white white!) and green has been by far the most popular!!  This package would be ideal for weddings of about 80-100 people and would suit beautiful weddings at home (think lush green foliage climbing up the front of the house!) or venues such as St Giles House, Dell of Abernethy, Guardswell Farm or our favourite London botanical spaces such as Petersham and Clifton Nurseries.

The collection also contains, Wildflower and Walled Garden Umbrella packages which are pretty, smaller sets of coloured brollies inspired by home-grown wild flower borders and stone walled secret gardens. These packages would be ideal to pop at the aisle end for small outdoor ceremonies, for the bridal party and VIP family or to add to the Greenery Package when you need more coverage.

Blankets and soft furnishings are big just now and we are so happy our collection as been very well received. Our Grey Fleece wraps are ideal for ladies to throw over their shoulders to keep cosy, and our Hay Bale covers are being hired by the 100s! We are receiving lovely orders for hay bale covers to be used to dress bales as ceremony seating, in rows for dinner seating or along side our cushion bundles to style bales grouped together on the lawn for your guests to sit on and have drinks.

Providing wraps is especially nice for guests seated near the edge of tipis or marquees when the sides are up and for outdoor seating areas and terraces. Bright sunny days are hoped for, but when the sun goes down, chilly evenings are pretty much a certainty.”