which are the best wedding flowers and when? –  PYRUS’ seasonal flower guide

21 March 2019

When looking for your wedding flowers, it’s hard to put what you want into words – I want the ones with petals, you know, in like a big thing I can hold.

And to the untrained eye – aka ours – it’s hard to know what type of flowers are around on your wedding day, before you set your heart on a type that are totally out of season.

However, that’s why we’re not florists, and why we have a directory of genius flower arrangers on hand to help you instead. One of our incredible florists, PYRUS Botanicals, have kindly put together a seasonal flower guide to help you know exactly what’s available at different times of year, and how the seasons can shape your arrangements. Over to you, lovely ladies!

“At PYRUS our ethos is seasonal, British flowers all the way. We have a 3 acre Victorian walled garden in which we grow our flowers so our work is intrinsically linked to the seasons, just the way we feel it should be.  There are beautiful botanicals to be found all year round but these are the predominant flowers through the seasons:

Spring wedding flower availability

Spring weddings benefit from delicate, ethereal, magical blooms.  Late flowering Hellebores and Snowflakes, winter blossoms, Tulips, Ranuncula, Anemones, Fritillaria, tree blossoms, Bluebells, Sweet Rocket, Iris, Foxgloves and Forget Me Nots all make wonderful spring additions.


Summer wedding flower availability

Obviously summer is peak season – so we’re talking an abundance!  Garden roses, Delphinium, Peonies (early summer), Sweet Peas, Stocks, herbs, Cosmos, Cornflowers, Scabious, Amaranthus, Sunfowers, Yarrow, Hydrangea, Foxgloves, Ammi, Wild Carrot, Icelandic Poppies, wild grasses and lots of gorgeous leafy foliage including ferns.

Autumn wedding flower availability

If you’re getting married in the autumn, you’re lucky enough to be dealing with showy blooms and lots of rich texture. Huge dahlias, Garden roses, Scabious, Hydrangea, Cosmos, Amaranthus, Tweedia, Herbs, Ammi, Tagetes, Fruiting branches, and Asters are all available for you.  Plus, there’s masses of incredible forage, including Rowan berries, seed heads, Rosehips, Bracken and beautiful autumnal foliage, which can all create a more wild and earthy texture to arrangements.


Winter wedding flower availability

Winter floral arrangements are totally underrated in their textural, washed out beauty – a lot of the time you can get gorgeous dried flowers and foliage, seed heads, scented British Narcissi, evergreen foliages,  Dog wood, wintry bare branches and Hellebores to make some stunning arrangements.”