no sneeze, all style –  how to have wedding flowers when you have hayfever

7 February 2019

There’s so many decisions that go into wedding planning, and so many tasks that you need to get ticked off, that the last thing you want to think about is needing a tissue for anything other than wiping away tears down the aisle.

Yep, hayfever and allergies are a REAL problem at weddings for long time sufferers – you want beautiful blooms, but you also want to be able to walk two steps without dissolving into a sneezing fit. But how can you have wedding flowers if you suffer from hayfever and allergies? We asked Gigha, from Meadow Isle Studio, to explain what the solution is – and it’s a good looking one at that!

“I’m Gigha, the owner and creative behind Meadow Isle Studio, where I create wedding flowers with a twist using silk and faux flowers. Gone are the days of your granny’s tired and dusty blooms that stick out like a sore thumb; hello beautiful forever blooms that create that fool-proof no sneeze finish to your big day.

With fake flowers, not only do you avoid hayfever issues but you can also go out of season with flowers. That’s right – you can get those beautiful blooming peonies & dahlias all year long! Another plus is that you can save your boutique forever after the big day – in fact, it all started for me 35 years ago when my mum and dad’s wedding was approaching. My mum’s reluctance to continuous sneezing and coming out in a rash on her big day – because who would opt for that? – meant she had to find an alternative. One thing she still has now, along with the photos, is her bouquet to bring back memories of that day. It was put on show at first, that was until she had three crazy daughters who loved playing dress up and throwing the bouquet to see “who would be getting married next”.

My tip for silk flowers would be to come and see them in real life first – you’ll always be impressed by how they look!”

And our tip would be to remember to have a scent that reminds you of the day, on the day – most real floral arrangements are naturally super fragrant, and will transport brides back to the day whenever they stroll past one, so don’t miss out by using a perfume or essence to give you that same signature scent.

Silk? Sold!