real wedding –  Bauhaus-Inspired Tel Aviv Meets Glasgow Wedding

25 February 2019

We kept seeing photos of this incredible wedding trickling through on social media from the crack team of super talented suppliers involved, and we just KNEW we had to get it on the blog for the pleasure of your eyes.

Arden and Steven’s day was a total design dream – having met in Tel Aviv, they wanted a day that reflected their Jewish and Scottish roots, with design-led Bauhaus-inspired aesthetics. DREAM DREAM DREAM. As keen photographers themselves – plus Arden is a lifestyle blogger in Tel Aviv – booking their photographer was super important, and they smashed it with the wonderful PJ Phillips. Over to him:

“The Wedding was a wonderful combination of Scottish and Jewish traditions (drinking from the quaich followed by smashing the glass should be a new thing!). Arden & Steven met and live in Tel Aviv, but Steven is originally from Scotland, so it was really important for them to incorporate both aspects of their past and present. They’d given the girls from Lemonbox Studios a brief to create a Bauhaus, Tel Aviv inspired reception which they totally nailed – everyone was blown away when the doors swung open! I also loved all the wonderful floral arrangements created by Di from Myrtle and Bracken, the colours and textures worked perfectly with the Lemonbox wizardry!”

“I must say my favourite part of the wedding was photographing the Jewish ceremony on the first day. I’d never shot a Jewish ceremony before so wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but was blown away by how much fun everyone was having! It was all laughs and smiles with a wee bit of dancing thrown in for good measure – what’s not to like? But, in all honesty the whole wedding was incredible…from wandering round the Barras to being lifted up on chairs at the end of the night (not me obvs!) it was the perfect day. Another thing I loved (which has nothing to do with the planning of day) which I found out during the best men’s speech was that Arden & Steven met in a supermarket whilst shopping. Who needs Tinder when you’ve got the cheese counter at Tesco!”