you're engaged - what now?! –  9 things to do now you’re engaged

14 February 2019

So you’re engaged. Congratu-bloody-lations! You’ve done the niceties – telling your family and telling your friends – and the obligatories – flexing your finger in any given daylight to admire your new ring and what it means – but where do you go from here?

Despite what everyone is telling you (thought people were annoying when you weren’t engaged? They’re really annoying now) there is no one right way of planning a wedding. However, there are 9 things that are going to make your life a HELLA lot easier, so pop the kettle on/crack open that bottle you’ve been saving – it’s time to start!

1 Don’t be afraid to do what you want

We’ll keep this short and sweet because it’s what it says on the tin, but if you’re waiting for someone to tell you it’s okay, take this as the sign: it’s ok to do your wedding day exactly how you want, even if this means eschewing traditions or the norm. It’s actually more than ok, it’s preferable! Have a day for you, not for anyone else.

2 Realise that the suppliers you want are out there, so don’t settle, petal

Depending on where and what you’re searching for, your initial search may not fill you with confidence – there are a lot of traditional wedding suppliers out there. But believe us when we say that there’s a whole host more design-led, modern, cool wedding suppliers out there who are dying to get involved in awesome weddings like yours – you just gotta find ’em. We’ve made a whole business out of it! Which brings us onto…

3 Check our directory for your wedding dream team

Our directory is an 140+ strong collective of suppliers who are hand-picked thanks to their creativity and vision, and what they can do for your wedding. Plus, it’s always good to know when suppliers come recommended – because it’s a big deal, and you want to make sure they get it right!

4 Get into the habit of pinning/saving whatever inspires you

Whether it’s the whole image that’s giving you life or one particular element, and whether it’s a specifically ‘weddingy’ photo or whether it’s from a totally different walk of life, get it saved on your Pinterest board or in your Instagram saved collection (seriously, it’s a game-changer). Write yourself a little note to remind Future You what you love about it, and start compiling your moodboard/go-to inspiration resource.

5 Don’t feel pressured to do it in a certain amount of time

If you want to take time with planning your wedding then do so. Take it as a compliment that people are so excited for you that they want it to come quicker – but not so complimentary that you bend to their whim.

6 Chat about your priorities

Sit down and chat about what’s really important. No matter how long you’ve been together, these things often will never have come up in conversation, so give yourselves the space to be open and honest. For example, do you care about getting married in a church? Is the season super important to you? Is it imperative that you get your favourite type of food? This convo is only to one another, remember, so be completely honest; you don’t need to justify them to anyone else.

7 At least try and budget

Budgeting is terrifying; budgeting for weddings is doubly terrifying. Make a list of the money you realistically have, and will have between now and the wedding date – including savings, paychecks, loans and contributions. Whack it all in there and see what you have to play with. We promise you it’ll save heartbreak down the line!

8 Be realistic

Your imagination might start running wild when you get engaged, but that’s about the only thing that changes – be realistic about what’s possible and what’s probable.

9 Enjoy it

We know we know, it’s suuuuuper bloody cliché, plus there’s nothing that makes you enjoy something less than people telling you to “JUST ENJOY IT!!!!”. But genuinely, do try – it’s a totally unique experience and it’s worth all of the emotions.

Ring by Katie Lees Jewellery