ethical bridal fashion –  How Laura Ironside is ensuring ethical, conscious bridal fashion

24 January 2019

We love Laura Ironside‘s bridal designs for their simplicity, beautiful aesthetic and contemporary style, but we also adore her commitment to conscious bridal design. She proves that eco-friendly weddings can still be super stylish, and you don’t need to cut corners to cut down your impact on earth. If David Attenborough were in the market for a wedding dress, we’re almost certain he’d be in a Laura Ironside number.

“First and foremost, I want to create beautiful, covetable clothes that women really want to wear. But I want to do this with some consideration of the impact on society and on the earth and take the necessary steps to minimise that impact.

The ethos of the brand is to promote a slower fashion cycle and encourage a more conscious consumption. I want to avoid throwaway fashion trends and encourage people to only invest in quality pieces they love that last. All the garments are made to a very high quality, in the UK. The aim is to create contemporary, luxury products, ethically.

Collections are made and designed in carefully considered ‘Edits’ rather than seasons. The idea behind this is that each Edit evolves based on the knowledge and feedback gained from the previous one, with the aim of avoiding the  over production and waste that seasons can bring. Everything is also made to order so we’re not holding onto piles of stock needlessly.

Styles are created using a single natural fabric per style for collections – in this collection, EDIT-01, each piece is made in 100% silk. This means if and when these garments end up in landfill they will biodegrade much faster than a garment made in synthetic fibres. They also don’t release dangerous chemicals when breaking down, much less harmful overall to the environment than synthetic fibres. Styles are designed in a minimal aesthetic with minimal or no fastenings and/or trims to avoid waste and overconsumption.”