wedding inspiration –  Dreamy Bohemian Wedding Styling at The Giraffe Shed

7 January 2019

Because we only bring you the créme de la créme, we’ve got the hottest venue on our books for you guys right now – enter The Giraffe Shed. A family-owned venue on a farm in Central Wales, they describe themselves as a “bona-fide, one-of-a-kind, straight-up anomaly: a heptagonal palace of joy and confetti and dancing.”

Like most anomalies, it has to be seen to be believed. It’s part giant rustic barn with surrounding meadows to frolic; part industrial warehouse with concrete detailing; part your living room, with velvet sofas and delicious dusky pink walls. It’s the perfect balance of blank enough that you can put your own stamp on it, and yet characterful enough to deserve the story of your big day.

And SPEAKING of putting your own stamp on it – this shoot, photographed and concepted by Nesta Lloyd, is an absolute masterclass in romantic, ethereal wedding styling with a stylish cutting edge. Making the most of the beautiful brick walls and high ceilings, Fifi Boutique Bespoke created a cloud-like floral installation that hung above the table, filled with fluffy foliage and stems. The contemporary tablescape was decorated with soft runners and ribbons from Silk and Purl, alongside stationery designed alongside OBD Design. With the sunlight streaming through from the industrial windows – and Nesta’s genius angles – it looks like actual magic.

Nesta then took bride and groom Janet and Matthew to explore the rest of the gorgeous Giraffe Shed. The barn is situated on a farm, giving them another beaut background; low sun, creamy fields (not Creamfields, big difference) and a vintage RV all provide even more room to play, plus all-important locations to escape from family for a bit when it comes to portraits time. Then, back to the barn for neon lights (designed by photographers, it’s a haven of incredible insta-worthy nooks and crannies) and mega dances (plus dogs! Joy of joys!)

Wales, or California? We genuinely can’t tell right now…