editorial invitations –  Zine-Vites: the coolest wedding invite for the coolest weddings

1 November 2018

As soon as we saw this new wedding invite genius from Paper Skeleton, we knew we had to shout about it. When something is described as the “coffee table’ tell all about your day to come”, how can we not?!

And what are these, we hear you cry? These are Karla’s brand new Zine-vites. They’re editorial style mini magazines telling your guests all they need to know about your wedding day, providing a stationery format as elegant and editorial as your wedding plans are shaping up to be.


While getting the aesthetic of your stationery is key (check out our guide on the blog), Karla also wanted to create an invite that made all the info readily accessible. “It’s so important to ensure that the wedding content is easily read and laid on in such a way that is easy on the eye, easy to follow and not overwhelming to your guest.” she explains. “The Zine-Vite captures this perfectly, dedicating, sections and pages to each part, sectioning it off neatly from the next, while creating a tactile experience.”


As a major fan of tactile design, each Zine-Vite is made up of gorgeous papers in neutral tones to showcase the unique folding techniques and minimal layouts but maximum impact. Made from GF Smiths Colorplan paper (if you know, you know, and if you don’t know, essentially it’s delicious thick paper that feels divine) and Keaykolour Particles (which is 100% recycled pulp, giving beautiful texture and the knowledge you’re helping save the world), the papers can be customised to suit your wedding style.

If you wanna get your hands on some of this delish zine action, you can email Karla here.