wedding inspiration to reality –  what do wedding stylists actually do?

20 September 2018

If your scrolls through your insta feed or blogs chock full of gorgeous wedding inspiration and keep seeing references to ‘wedding stylists’, but don’t know what the hell that actually means, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

We’re here to give you the lowdown on what wedding stylists actually do and how they can help you with your big day, with the help of our TWC wedding stylist extraordinaire Arrow and Twine.

As you may have guessed, it has something to do with the styling of your day. “Bringing a wedding stylist on board means there is someone whose sole purpose in your wedding journey is to curate all of your ideas, Pins, photos, cut up magazines, and bring them together into a design that offers beauty, cohesion and flow to the day. They can capture and transcend your style and personalities, and bring out all the details that go towards making your wedding yours.” Toria explains.

They’re totally perfect for for couples looking for alternative wedding styling with super personal details. “They will save you from taking a trip down the cookie cutter road, by asking the right questions and giving you the encouragement sometimes needed to break away from unwanted tradition or the average wedding format. And best of all, they provide a guide through all the creative parts of wedding planning, allowing you to focus on the areas you prefer organising yourself. With a list of so many to-dos, they alleviate a little bit of that overwhelm and make your day look perfect, which pretty much makes them wedding fairies!”

“On the surface, a stylist can seem to deal only in aesthetics: the pretty, the added extras, the cherries adorning the 12-tiered cake. But, we are such visual creatures, that how a wedding looks has an immediate effect on how our guests feel about a wedding. By simply bringing flow to the visuals, the schedule can seem to flow more easily; by ensuring everything looks cohesive, the day can be perceived as well planned; by adding personal touches, the guests can feel even more considered and loved by the couple.”

Wedding stylists also tend to be super varied, with an affordable level of versatility. You can either have a stylist from the early stages of planning to help guide your inspiration from start to finish, or you can have them in the latter stages to help bring those strands together and sort out finishing touches. A lot of stylists also have a prop hire arm, so that they can deliver the decor you’re desiring.

If you’re thinking of having a wedding stylist now you know what tf they do, check out the ‘style and plan’ section of our directory to help find the supplier of your dreams. Or alternatively, if you want to find out more about wedding planning, check out our post explaining their role.