contemporary fashion-inspired florals –  Vulgar and Vogue-ish: Modern Wedding Flowers

2 July 2018

Are you ready for the new wave of exciting wedding flowers? Hell yeah, we are. Which is why we’re currently SWOONING over this incredible photoshoot from our amazing florist Jack Fleuriste and Gabriela Silveira, exploring a lesser-seen side of wedding flowers and wedding inspiration. It’s fantastic, made of plastic – well, partially. Fully fantastic, partially plastic.

These flowers are the perfect antidote if you’re slightly temporarily fatigued and overwhelmed by rustic, overgrown bouquets stuffed with greenery on your feed. Curated, contemporary and super editorial, we love what Linzi and Gabriela have played with, turning bad taste blooms into gorgeous fashion flowers.

Looking like they stepped straight off a high-fashion magazine cover, Linzi and Gabriela started with common flowers that sometimes have a reputation of being ‘tacky’ to see if they could give them some love in a more contemporary way. Using backdrops they created a fresh and refreshing colour palette – who says pastels are twee? – and one that just makes us want to dive straight into Hockney’s pool. We are also l o v i n g the gold spray-painted fronds, for a bit of a so-tacky-it’s-now-luxury edge. They also played around with glycerine and perspex to make the arrangements look fairly ‘vulgar and repulsive’ – their words, not mine! – and preserve them in all their greatness.

What they created was a perfect crash course in modern flowers: bursting in colour, texture and playing around with blocky shapes, the arrangements are super fresh and super fun. We can see them sitting atop pedestals in ya reception right now – which is where they rightly belong, frankly.