Piha Beach Magic –  New Zealand engagement shoot

23 July 2018

We’re a big fan of engagement shoots at the Wedding Collective and naht because they’re trendy (remember, kids, we don’t follow things because they’re trendy, we show them love because they’re well-designed, well-executed and beautiful things. Continue) but because they’re pure magic.

If you don’t believe me, here’s proof. This breathtaking engagement shoot from Nikki Leadbetter was shot on Piha beach on the West Coast of the north island of new Zealand. In Nikki’s own words, it’s a pretty special place, as “it reminds you how incredible nature is and how small we are as the rocks tower above you and the ocean pulls your feet out from under you.” And yet, Nikki effortlessly manages to make it all about the gorgeous Dave and Kim as well, simultaneously capturing the enormity and power of the landscape whilst also portraying their intimacy and making it seem like they’re the only two things that matter right now. Nikki first met them at Kim’s sister Emily’s wedding in 2016 (which she photographed at the Secret Herb Garden) – and then they met up on the other side of the world in their home country a year later. Small world, hey?

And that light – oh, THAT LIGHT. It had been raining on and off all day and as they started shooting it began to rain again but the light was on their side, so they rolled their sleeves (or trouser legs) up and got stuck in to make some serious beauty. I’m off to go sigh my way through this gallery, book a ticket to New Zealand, and immediately enquire with Nikki about a wedding I’m not even engaged for yet. Anyone care to join me?