real wedding inspiration –  laidback Australian beach + barn wedding

30 July 2018

If you’ve got eyes, we’re sure you’ll have seen at least a couple of barn weddings recently. They’re are all the rage nowadays – and understandably so, as they’re huge great spaces which you can make totally your own. But we’re also sure you’ll never have seen a barn wedding as effortlessly chic as Tom + Anie’s beautifully styled Australian affair, so get those good ol’ aforementioned eyes ready and feast upon it’s beauty, courtesy of the ever brilliant Colin Ross!

The couple took the rustic vibe and made it cooler than it’s ever been before, converting the entirety of Anie’s grandparents’ farm by themselves. They married in front of a beautifully understated arrow-shaped wooden arch in front of huge, bushy greenery. For the reception, Tom just whipped a bar up out of a canoe (as you do – he’s a joiner, but still) and made all the benches for people to languish on later. They also foraged all the greenery that was hanging from the roof themselves. They lightened the decor with creamy graphic signs and hanging banners to indicate table numbers. Anie and her fam run a wedding company, Gracelands, so they knew exactly how they wanted it to look: understated and elegant but still warm and romantic. It’s basically an aesthetic duh-ream, but so much more than just the looks: warmth and sunshine just OOZES from the screen, both weather-wise and enjoyment-wise!

As Tom and Colin used to live together (in Northern California, no less) he also got to go and mess around with the guys in the water before the ceremony, as they all went surfing. I mean, if you’er going to do a chilled, cool af wedding, do it right – right?

Enjoy the loveliness below: