floral installations to make you go ooooooh –  Ethereal Abandoned House Floral Wedding Style

25 June 2018

There are many goosebump-inducing moments in this wonderful industry, and this is totally one of them. This absolute doozy of a shoot from Alison MacLeod Jewellery, Caro Weiss, the floral wizards that are the Pyrus ladies and RowanJoy is nothing short of true magic. An abandoned farmhouse set in the rolling Dumfriesshire countryside was the perfect backdrop for the pure alchemy they were about to create…

With peeling wallpaper, a giant sweeping staircase and lush light billowing from big windows, it had all the makings of a luxe Scottish wedding venue, but without the uptight, polished finish. Instead, Pyrus set about transforming 5 spaces with extravagant floral installations, all beautiful but all different. The key theme was natural and sprawling, totally changing the space – we’re talking meadow flowers that look like they’ve just sprung from the floorboards, and cages of gnarled willows for ethereal beauty. We’re talking jaw-dropping stunners, perfect for totally changing the vibe of a wedding venue.

And speaking of jaw-dropping stunners (sweet segué, hey?), how good does Imogen look in these embroidered and embellished RowanJoy Bridal numbers? Unique and edgy with gorgeous and delicate softness to them, the vintage-inspired wedding dresses look totally at home nestled amongst the flowers. Finished with soft, glowing make-up, and – delicate jewellery crafted by Alison, it’s both as ethereal a wedding inspiration as we could dream of and as real a wedding inspiration as we could hope for. Basically, we’re in love with it.