real wedding –  Wes Anderson Inspired Stop Motion Wedding Video from Mirrorbox Photography

21 May 2018

Cai and Iain – more like CRY and Iain, because I am crying at this super beaut stop motion film from the Wedding Collective megbabes Mirrorbox Photography. The bride and groom are both lecturers specialising in sci-fi and films, and their gorgeous wedding reflected this from start to finish.

It was only right, then, that the unique wedding film created by Mirrorbox incorporated Wes Anderson’s style, to capture this perfectly unconventional wedding day. How else would you be able to accurately portray the Hat Parade that they’d arranged during the meal, where all of their guests showcased a range of wild hats they’d made especially for the day?

We love Cai’s dark wedding dress and the fact that they walked down the aisle arm-in-arm, and we love that their starring cast got their own little feature at the end in an idyllic riverside setting that looks like it could be Southern France but was actually Stonefield Castle, Tarbet. The right side of whimsical, ever so fantastical, this movie-animation cross is super heartwarming and frankly to die for!

Alsooooooo, CONGRATS to Sequoia and Sam at Mirrorbox because they only went and won one of the most sought-after photography prizes in the whole wide world for this! They’re now the proud winners of the Rangefinder 2018 Wedding Photography Prize, as decided by the über-prestigious Rangefinder magazine. We don’t mean to brag, but we’re super honoured to have you on board, guys – your talent is increeeeeedible.