wedding photography deliciousness –  Through The Woods We Ran 2017 Faves

14 May 2018

WE LOVE THROUGH THE WOODS WE RAN. There, we said it. In capitals and everything – so it must be true. The stupidly talented Glenn and Lauren are totally demystifying wedding photography, ensuring it’s nothing to be scared of – just two great souls turning up at weddings (only ones they’ve booked, obviously) armed with cameras and a whole load of talent.

There’s nothing less down-to-earth than claiming you’re down-to-earth but they really are: they’ll take running through wild forests with your dress bunched up in your hand and paw prints all over the previously pristine hem over contorted shots in manicured gardens anyday. Expect stunning lighting and artful angles that aren’t over-posed or forced from two people you will have forgotten weren’t just invited as your pals.

TTWWR’s couples are always so full of personality and their wedding days so vibrant that we knew we just had to feature a big ol’ round up of their 2017 favourites on the blog. Feast your eyes on this absolute deliciousness – a veritable utopia of shit-hot styling and electric emotion coming through your screen, as capture by Glenn and Lauren. Oh yeah, and loads of dogs. 2017 was a great year for weddings but arguably an even greater year for dogs, wasn’t it?

Fallen in love with Through The Woods We Ran? We don’t blame you – you’ve got eyes. Check out their directory page to contact them and enquire about their availability