fabricated bridal –  reworking an old wedding dress

28 May 2018

Well do we have a b e a uty on the blog for you today, courtesy of Fabricated Bridal Alterations. There are so many ways you can incorporate your family history into your wedding, and this is certainly a gorgeous way of doing it!

Accessories may be kept and passed down and still fit seamlessly with the changing tides of style, but what about whole dresses?* When you have a dress as gorgeous as Steph’s grandmother’s – and a team as wonderful and trustworthy as Fabricated Bridal – there’s nothing to worry about. We LOVE a dress with a story, so are you sitting comfortably…?

*if you don’t like the overall style of the dress but want to pay homage to your famalam, another idea is to preserve a patch of lace from it and sew it into the inside of your dress. HOT TAKE or what?

“Steph brought her Grandmother’s beautiful blush lace gown into us in time for us to alter and modernise it for her wedding in January this year.

We jumped at the chance to work on such an amazing (and fantastically preserved!) family heirloom, and give it a new lease of life for a 2018 wedding.

Initially the dress was too small for Steph (her grandmother must have been tiny on her wedding day!), but as we removed a lot of length from the train, we were able to use this fabric to create panels in the dress to achieve the perfect fit. We gave the neckline a little TLC and reinforced it with some interfacing to give it a great stiff look, removed fullness from the skirt, lengthened the hem and added the ultimate finishing touch – a beautiful row of Swarovski crystal buttons down the back.