Supplier Spotlight –  Meet E.Y.I.LOVE

22 April 2018


They keep their fingers on the wedding stationery pulse with red-hot design, a magpie-esque love of metallics and the best materials. In fact, they make the pulse more often than not, curating the modern wedding stationery trends we will all come to love before we even know we do. And although their hand-designed suites speak for themselves in terms of their slick design and romantic feel, E.Y.I Love are that and so much more. They’re a dedicated team taking you through the process with them, always there to answer any questions, design bespoke items and help you get perfection. They’re lovers of love stories, and eternally grateful that you want them to be a part of yours. Whether you want beautiful calligraphy from their in-house calligraphy, pressed foils on luxe blush pink, graphic black with edgy script or elegant holographics, Lorna, Jack and the team have got your BACK. OG members of The Wedding Collective since 2010 (nearly a decade ago guys…nearly a decade ago), we caught up with them to see how the E.Y.I Love process started, and how it works for couples getting married today.


E.Y.I.LOVE – everything yours i love

We’re Jack and Lorna, a husband and wife team with an equally fabulous team behind us making all our wedding stationery dreams and idea a reality.

The company officially launched in 2010. Born out of a desire to create stylish wedding stationery for their own nuptials, Lorna set about designing their own invitations, lovingly printing each piece by hand with her grandfathers table top letterpress. Fast forward 7 years and E.Y.I.LOVE has developed into a high-end, bespoke wedding stationers. E.Y.I Love now service a worldwide clientele from their studio in Glasgow, where all products are lovingly designed, hand printed and beautifully finished.


Our studio is just south of the River Clyde in Glasgow. We have a large design studio and a production studio, with a clean, minimalist vibe that reflects our aesthetic. It is a good place to work…always filled with great music, coffee and lots of hard work! We also have our red mini poodle, little Rudi, to keep us all entertained when the pressure and deadlines are on.

We love to have clients into the studio to chat all things pretty paper and we have created a little gallery space and consultation area where we can sit and chat over tea. I would say the majority of our clients work with us via email/phone,  but we do love a good face to face chat so welcome any potential clients to give us a call and make an appointment.


Well, I had been living and working in Italy since graduating from my masters (in textiles and fashion) and as I returned to Glasgow, after meeting Jack whilst I was there, the recession was just kicking in. My friends with their own fashion labels were struggling and working 2 or 3 extra jobs so they could make the whole fashion thing work. However, I knew if I wanted to remain in Glasgow and work creatively, it was likely I would need to set up on my own.

Whilst working with the Princes Business Trust, coming up with my business plan to start my own label (printing love quotes on luxe t-shirts funnily enough!) Jack and I had gotten engaged and were planning our own wedding. My grandfather had been a letterpress printer so I had unearthed one of his old machines to print our wedding invites.
From the minute I started playing about with it – I was hooked!

You’ll probably hear this a lot from people who have setup their own business, (especially in the wedding industry) but honestly, I don’t think we ever truly did decide – it’s like it was meant to be all along. We started designing a friend’s invites, then a friend of a friend’s, and it sort of grew from there. I still HATED saying I made wedding invitations when anyone asked me though, because at that time (and maybe still in certain circles – not ours though!) the wedding “industry” was very cheesy and very cringeworthy. It was only when we hooked up with Gill & Chris of The Curries and various other creatives in 2010 and were initiated as original members of The Wedding Collective that we knew we could really make a go of it.

A couple of years later, Jack left his job as an engineer too to focus on EYI Love full time we have both been happily working and growing it ever since!


Very early on we worked with a couple who wed in the G.F.T. – an art nouveau film theatre in Glasgow. We had huge billboard movie posters designed and created for the outside of the film theatre- which just looked amazing! It was such a fun wedding to work on and after collaborating with them so closely, they even invited us to the wedding! It showed us how fun it could be working with weddings and also, how personal and special it could be.

Also, receiving a call from Andy Murrays management company – asking us if we could design Andy & Kim’s stationery – was a very cool moment for us…


I’m inspired constantly by passionate people. Whether it’s art, music, politics, love…what the ‘subject’ is rarely matters. When people have passion they just excite me and make me want to give my all to what I love and believe in. I leave their company buzzing and I love this feeling, so I try to make sure I surround myself with inspiring people as much as I can.

If I’m in need of some visual inspiration, I generally turn to fashion, art or photography. There are certain designers I know will always blow me away with their genius, who’s use of texture and colour I’m always inspired by. As a very details-orientated person, just walking around a designer store, a luxury hotel or a beautiful city to people watch and pay attention to the little things also excites me!


I’m not sure we have a typical day!

Generally we start with a little (a lot) of madness at home over breakfast and Gran arriving to hold the fort at home and look after the kids for the day.When Jack and I arrive at the studio, we always take Rudi for a walk along the River Clyde to clear our heads and chat over the day ahead. Once back in, computers on and coffee is made (for Jack) we generally reply to emails and do a bit of admin, before making our To-do lists for the day ahead.

We usually have orders which need to get out the door, so these will always take priority. Jack generally manages the production of each order – and works with clients on their designs. I will work on new collections, trialling new stocks and any of our bespoke orders. Like any small business owner, you really do have to wear many hats, so our days can often be filled with many unpredicted jobs too! Sending sample packs out, items to press, meetings with wedding planners, photoshoots, web design, meetings with accountants etc etc – these are all part of the package!

THANKFULLY we now have a team working with us, who we can often delegate many of the tasks to (if reading this, you guys are all AMAZING and we couldn’t do any of this “typical” stuff without you!)


I LOVE being near the water… there is something so instantly calming about being beside the ocean, so it’s right up there on my favourites list. We have 2 kids (aged 5 and 2, with another one on the way!) and a dog – so a beach really is a hit with everyone and keep the boys occupied for hours. Maybe one day we will emigrate to the Caribbean…

For now, we are really happy in Glasgow and all it’s creative quirks and city-ness. I’m not the greatest night owl (blame all the kids) so a brunch date is the perfect one for me. Some current favourite spots are Singl-end (beside the Art school) and Bramble cafe in Giffnock. A prosecco at 11am is very much my style (when not pregnant of course!).


Currently we are LOVING AYNHOE PARK – it is just so quirky and I mean, who wouldn’t love a hanging giraffe with a crown on floating around under a giant disco ball!



I would be a very happy stationer to see this LOVE of metallics continue. Rose Gold has been so popular (and rightly so) but I do LOVE when the bars of solid (paper) GOLD line up in our studio!

Saying that, we have been working a LOT with perspex and mirrored acrylics and I am quite partial to a little metallic pink with this! Also – holographic foils have been shimmering about our production studio for the last month and I think these can really give a very stylish WOW if used with the right combinations. We will always nod to the more minimalist approach to holographic, so you won’t be seeing any garish shiny monsters leaving our studio doors anytime soon, but a bit of glimmer with a twist would be great trend to see!

We are also LOVING the embellishments we have seen over the Fashion season this week and are currently working out how to minimalistically add some beadwork to our papers! Watch this space…


“Follow your Gut” – it’s worked so far.