real wedding –  a farm wedding like you’ve never seen before

23 April 2018
boho wild rustic barn wedding

There is actually so much to love about this wedding I don’t even know where to begin.

Besides that blazing April sunshine (early April too!) and the stunning farmyard setting, there’s so much to pore over: a completely transparent marquee, a stunning hanging floral backdrop and matching entrance arch, a beautifully modern origami-esque wedding dress, divine-looking feasts and lamb cuddling (!!). Oh yeah, and communal please-dive-in Eton Messes. If that doesn’t scream wedding of the century, frankly I don’t know what does.

Jill + Colin’s incred wedding was a meeting of The Wedding Collective babes’ minds, with the inimitable The Hendrys behind the camera providing us with these dreamy shots, our very own Sugar 8 immortalising it all on the video, Susan of Humanist Wedding Scotland bringing all the love for the ceremony, and EYI Love creating their minimalist wedding stationery. A special shoutout goes to the wonderful Pyrus Botanicals, who made ALL THE FLORAL MAGIC for this wedding: that beautifully sylvan entrance arch, adorned with fluffy blooms? That greenhouse backdrop, comprising of hanging fronds and interspersed flowers to bring some muted colour in? Those hand-curated single-stem table arrangements, looking beaut against the background of rolling greenery? And that bouquet, chockablock full of texture and colour, managing to look just-gathered, free and effortless, whilst also seeming perfect and wildly elegant? It’s all ya gals at Pyrus. Swoon and sigh til we die.

And the venue? It’s actually – prepare yourselves – the couple’s home. We. Know. Old McDonald had a farm but it could NEVER have looked as beautiful as this in a million trillion years – that’s all down to the couple’s inspired brilliance. So, not a hireable venue unfortunately (but Jill + Colin, if you want to share that greenhouse-style gorgeousness…you know where we are…) This meant that they had free reign to plant a tree to celebrate their marriage (veil, check, dress, check, trowel, check) and to spend some of their portraits time cuddling up to their farm animals, including ducks, Shetland ponies, pigs and lambs. The rest of the portraits are equally as breathtaking, with the golden sun setting slowly behind them and illuminating them in the most ethereal, natural, perfect way. Thank you to The Hendrys + Sugar 8 for bringing this belter into our lives!

And guys .. Sugar 8s film is  E V E R Y T H I N G.

aaaaaaaaaand we all go off to cry + plan our own farm home of dreams… Jill + Colin CONGRATULATIONS!  Never will there be another back garden wedding quite as sweet as yours.