REAL WEDDING –  Graphic-inspired wedding with Caro Weiss

12 March 2018

This wedding is what you get when your marriage is more than a matching of souls, but also a perfect meeting of creative minds. With a circle of über talented creative friends, Cecilia, a jewellery designer, and Greg, a dentist, had a wedding that incorporated all of their favourite things and was unabashedly and unashamedly all about them.

The wedding party was studded with Cecilia’s gorgeous graphic jewellery, including hers and Greg’s wedding bands, and her bridesmaids’ chunky earrings, with Cecilia herself wearing a stunning grey chambray denim two-piece designed for her by her sister-in-law. HELL YES to a bride in denim! The couple chose the stunning Errol Park as the venue, not only for its breathtaking views, but also because it was imperative that dogs could attend and party alongside them. Everything was captured in perfect detail, as always, by the brilliant Caro Weiss.

They called on their impressive roster of creative pals to make the reception a dream come true too, with riso-printed table names named after films and a table plan that incorporated, amongst other things, their love for sharks and chillis, all printed in a popping colour scheme of teal, fluoro orange and gold. Wedding favours were a homebrewed IPA which was offered on one condition – that the brew name was a pun – and thus Ferment For Each Other was born.