REAL WEDDING –  Biscuit Factory wedding by Wonderful and Strange

21 February 2018
alternative warehouse wedding The Biscuit Factory documentary wedding photography

We ADORE this Biscuit Factory wedding by the ruddy lovely Wonderful And Strange (it’s kind of in the name) in all of its gritty, alternative glory.

From the fun shots and sneaky angles on the bus to the way they’ve captured the soft glow of our beloved pal the Scottish sun and the epic party once the sun had gone down, they’ve perfectly caught the magic of what was an incredible wedding. Its industrial meet wild foliage vibes are to die for, combining two of weddings’ hottest trends currently (not that we care too much about trends, but, ya know, when they look this good…) The Biscuit Factory was dressed to the nines, keeping its trademark weathered + industrial charm, but spruced up with a whole plethora of feathery foliage (and former feathery friends.) Leanne and Huw joined forces with TWC babes Rose & Ammi for the bountiful fronds, including the awesome and immense leafy backdrop behind the top table, which brought a sense of real cosiness to the venue.

They also played host to a ping pong table, an uber snuggly candy-striped seating area, and gold letter balloons against tiles, which gave the whole thing an awesome super-cool-music-video vibe.

And speaking of the possibilities of a Biscuit Factory Wedding – it’s where we’re hosting the wedding collective market in a couple of week’s time on March 11th.  Tickets on Sale here! Come and see our incredible suppliers in action in this awesome space, why don’t ya?