The Best of 2017 –  Wonderful & Strange

5 January 2018

“Oh hello there. We’re David and Martyna… AKA Wonderful and Strange! For those who don’t know us, we’re a couple of Scottish wedding and elopement photographers.”

“We live in Edinburgh with our very nice but mildly-annoying border terrier Agent Cooper. Creating a ‘Best of’ from around 40,000 photos of weddings, elopements and photoshoots is a daunting task to say the least. But in doing so, we’ve realised what a bloody amazing year 2017 actually was! We met people from all over the world, made some friends for life and travelled by car, train, boat and plane to everywhere from our favourite Highlands and Islands to the always-inspiring London, from narrow maze-like Maltese streets to the rolling Welsh valleys. 2017 was also the year we became members of #TeamTWC! Joining The Wedding Collective was a massive honour for us. We always viewed TWC membership as a ‘seal of quality’ for wedding suppliers; so to now be part of this team of ridiculously talented folk, many of whom we’d worked with and been inspired by for a long time feels pretty good!”