cuttings from the garden –  Hedgerow

5 January 2018

Known for wild blooms with personality Rachael of Hedgerow has been sharing these sweet garden cuttings over on her instagram. A great way for experimenting with  colour & texture palettes for your wedding day florals.

We moved into out new house in Portobello 18 months ago, one of the reasons we chose the house was because it had a converted garage that I could use as a workshop for my flowers and a good sized south facing garden.
When we moved in the garden was a very sad, long strip of grass, with a warren of fences and lots of gravel. I spent the first  couple of months taking fences down and digging most of it up. I improved the soil and stocked the garden with bulbs, roses, dahlias, sweet peas and the like. I chose unusual varieties of seeds and plants that all sat within a cream/white/pink/peach/rust/maroon/burgundy palette as this is what I like working with most when I am arranging. It has been brilliant to supplement the flowers I buy in for events with bits and pieces from the garden. I have added in lots of new varieties this year so hopefully my 2018 couples will have some of my flowers tucked into their arrangements.
I took the photographs as a record of what was in flower at different times of the year, this year I am planning on taking them more regularly so that I can show couples what is in season at any given time.