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10 December 2017

One of the questions that we get asked most regularly at 33Dowanhill  is “What is the perfect skincare routine?”

Unfortunately we have a bit of bad news…..  there is no perfect skincare routine that will work for everyone.  Every person has different skin, different concerns, different requirements, even different time constraints that will impact what products they use.

However, there are some key products types and simple steps that are the foundation of a great skincare routine that will deliver real results.  So this one is for you skincare beginners who are wanting to achieve that healthy glow for your wedding!


Let’s begin with the basics.

  1. Get yourself some facecloths
  2. Never use products with mineral oil in them
  3. Do not use any foaming products
  4. Take your face wipes and THROW THEM IN THE BIN (seriously… in the bin!)


In the morning you need to prepare your skin for the day.  You have spent the night more than likely “glowing” profusely and maybe even dribbling a little.  Lovely.  Pillow cases are harbingers of bacteria and your hair has probably been sticking to your face..

CLEANSE: Nothing aggressive or stripping.  Avoid anything that foams like the plague.  Please don’t wash your face in the shower.  Please.   Always wash your face after showering (if you have been washing your hair as surfactants that are in shampoo are not great for your skin). We personally recommend a good quality oil based cleanser..  Massage your cleanser of choice into your skin and then use a facecloth rinsed in hot water to gently buff away (rinse your facecloth a few times). Pick a cleanser that you enjoy using – that is key.

HYDRATING MIST/TONE:  We love a hydrating mist at 33Dowanhill.  One of the simplest steps but is without a doubt a little boost of luxury (and hydration) in the morning. It has the added benefit of “waking” you up!   Pick something light with now alcohol.  Look at the ingredients and look for hyaluronic acid, rose water or glycerin.  A light mist all over your face and neck and allow to absorb.

SERUM: Follow this up with a good quality serum.  Pick one that addresses your particular needs.  Are you dehydrated?  Are you concerned about lines?  Choose something with slip that you can really massage into your skin and around your eyes.

OIL: Next up is oil.  Many people look at us in horror when we suggest oil in the mornings.  Now this step isn’t for everyone but trust us.  This boost of moisture in its purest form will deliver some huge results for your skin.  Pick something rich in fatty acids and massage all over.

SPF: This is a step that causes a few disagreements even in 33Dowanhill HQ.  Some of us love an SPF and wouldn’t leave the house without it.  Others apply only when necessary and instead use sunglasses and a hat as protection.  We cannot argue that skin is damaged by the sun but we also cannot deny that living in Glasgow doesn’t always afford us direct rays at all times and getting some vitamin D is also essential to our general health.  The safest thing to say is to apply common sense.  If the sun is out cover yourself ladies! Whether this is with a sombrero or with Factor50.



Evenings are maybe when most of us have a bit more time.  You have spent the day at work, travelling, at the gym, chasing children around, walking the dog etc etc.  Nows the time to remove the grime!

First Cleanse – This is one of the most important things you can do for your skin.  Remove your make up and all the dirt and bacteria of the day.  Use a great cleanser, but don’t use your most luxurious/expensive product.  You are literally going to watch it wash down the sink.
Second cleanse – use your favourite most nourishing cleanser (it is fine if this is the same as your morning cleanser).  Spend some time working it into your face, concentrating around you nose, chin and between your eyes.  Use your hot flannel to lightly buff off product.  It also has the added benefit of a light exfoliation.

ACID TONE:  We haven’t added an acid tone in the am routine as we wanted to keep things simple in the morning.  But we are not exaggerating when we say that this step will make a massive difference to your routine.  Acid toners/exfoliators change the PH balance of your skin.  We cannot underestimate the importance of this step. They have a range of benefits which you can read more about here.
If you are new to the world of acids start of light and only use a few times a week building up to every evening.

TREATMENT:  This is where your money should be going in terms of skincare.  It can also mean different things for different skin types > a hydrating serum / a retinoid product / perhaps a leave on acid treatment / or a very luxurious oil.  These products should be the game changers in terms of skin improvement.  If you can, try to have 2 or 3 different types of product that you can mix up throughout the week.

Whether you use a MOISTURISER after your treatment is dependent on the type of treatment ^  that you are using.  However, our approach at 33Dowanhill is to go with many light layers.  It is very rare that a thick layer of one product will get you significant change – it is just a lovely way for product companies to get you to replace products!

MASSAGE:  Now we are getting to the good stuff.  Facial massage increases blood flow and helps lift and plump the skin.  You do not need to be a facialist to give yourself a great at home massage.  Whether you spend 2 mins or 20mins a day this will improve your skins texture and tone.  If you can fit this in even 3 times a week you will notice a huge improvement in your skin.  Depending on the treatments you are using this may only work on the days which you are using a lovely nourishing oil. We will pull together a video to share with you shortly with some different massage techniques.  Keep your eyes peeled.

This routine is a perfect starter for those of you out there without a current routine.  But we love nothing more than devising specific routines for our clients.  We have recently launched Skincare Consultations where we will cover your current routine, product recommendations, routine improvements and tips.  You will walk away with a clear understanding on how to make improvements to your skin and what products will give you the best results.

In the meantime we hope this has helped and given you some guidance on where to start.  Any questions or comments please get in touch!

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