REAL WEDDING –  east coast wedding with SUGAR 8 and ERIC-RENE PENOY

19 December 2017

When a wedding team is made up of almost all TWC creatives and the couple are as sweetly in love and in the mood for dancing as these two – you can guarantee it’s going to be a wedding of dream status. FOR SURE.

Thanks to Eileen SUGAR 8 for sharing! THIS FILM IS A SMASHER <3

Here is what this super cool gal Bride had to say about their day + the team they chose to make it happen…

“Lewis and I met while putting together mini festivals and gigs in our sleepy university town of St Andrews. Parties – music, food and beer – have always played a central role in our relationship so we saw the wedding as a chance to throw our friends and family the party of a lifetime.

We got married on the 24th June which is British Midsummer’s Day. We decided to go for a bit of a Shakespearean Midsummer Night’s Dream theme with lots of stars, foliage and metallic hues.

We knew we wanted elements of tradition mixed with things that reflect us and our own beliefs. Little things like having speeches from across the bridal party (not just the dudes) made us feel comfortable.

Our day was shaped around things we love.. We brewed our own beer (Huxley’s Hoppily Ever After – named after our dog) and stitched our own bunting from favourite materials. Friends played us down the aisle and had us shimmying for our first dance. There were street food inspired canapés and bottomless gin cocktails. High-quality coffee flowed all night.

Looking back, a few things stuck out for us as ideas that were brought to life by the Wedding Collective gang. What a bunch of beautiful talented humans!”

Over to Eric…


Eric Rene Penoy –  Eric was the first supplier we booked, two years before our wedding. Not only is he a lovely human being, he’s also insanely talented. Two things stuck out to us – his professionalism and his AMAZING cinema-inspired landscape shots. It was important to us to capture the beautiful rolling seascapes of our Fife location. As soon as we met Eric we knew he was the guy to make it happen. One of our favorite memories of the day was running off for twenty minutes to break into a nearby field and get some couple shots. Sorry, farmer.

Sugar 8We knew we wanted to book Eileen as soon as we saw her films online. Having watched videos of our parents’ and friends weddings, the thing that always struck us was how much people change in such short spaces of time. Wedding films always have a sort-of-hazy feeling to them. Eileen’s aesthetic makes this part of the art.

Sparrow & Rose I used to work as a florist so the flowers were a big deal. Lisa was our first choice and she really delivered and helped us bring together an amazing vibe on the day. We used tonnes of greenery with eucalyptus and hops so our venue was scented all day. I wore an amazing twig tiara sculpted by Lisa. It was styled on the day by the amazing Colin O’Reilly Hair. The bridesmaids had similar hair pieces and we all felt like the fairies straight out of Shakespeare’s play. 

Bespoke CateringThese guys are the bomb. Nothing is too much to ask or too out-there for them. You want sushi, taco, spring roll and burger canapés? You’ve got them. They cooked us our entire menu at a wine-fuelled tasting at our flat, a few months before the wedding. This allowed us to really get to know Hannah (our event manager) before the day and really enjoy the food we’d be serving to our guests. They are such a dedicated team and have such passion for what they do. And it shows in their food. It’s amazing.

Big Bear Bakery: Like Bespoke, Big Bear Bakery were so great from the word go. We met Dominique in person to try lots of different cakes and ended up with the most amazing cake table full of macarons, tarts and brownies. If you do go for a cake table make sure you get lots of paper boxes so guests can take some home!

Something Brewed We love coffee. Our friends do, too. They also love drinking so we knew having a constant stream of caffeine throughout the night was a good idea. Gillian and Craig worked tirelessly to keep the coffees flowing. Looking back, this is one of the best decisions we made for the day. It was a sweaty, dancey, drunken occasion and these guys kept the party going.

Sarah Brown designed both our wedding rings. It was important to us that our rings reflected each other in their design. We opted for leaf patterned rings broken up with some seafoam. I come from a heavily wooded area in the north of Scotland and Lewis grew up next to the beach in Edinburgh. Our lives are reflected in these designs. Sarah was so up for the commission and the finished products are so delicate and beautiful.

Ten30 – Lewis is a really theatrical guy. When it came to his wedding suit he knew he wanted something different. We met with Alan in his then Glasgow-based studio and had a brilliant morning designing a pair of trousers. Alan really listens to what you want and has a brilliant eye for contemporary design rooted in heritage fabrics and patterns.

Shout out to also : GO2 EVENT HIRE for the giant light up letters

Thanks for sharing Kirsty. And huge congratulations to you + Lewis! Your wedding day choices were TOPS.
To you guys!x