New Collection –  Alison Macleod Jewellery

18 December 2017

We asked Alison Macleod to tell us about her new collection + the process behind her designs + signature style…

– I start each new piece in silver, building up my signature Catkin design by soldering every ‘scale’ in place. I cut the finished silver pattern to shape then juxtapose it with stones to create a balanced composition. A mold is then made and the final piece is cast in gold or platinum, giving it one solid stable form into which the stones are set.

– My favourite piece from the new collection changes all the time but right now I’m wearing the Catkin Double Droplet Pendant every day. It’s a really versatile piece, making me feel a tiny bit glam on a scruffy day but equally it can look great with a dressy outfit for the evening, I don’t even take it off to go to bed! The pendant has a really nice weight to it and the brilliant cut diamond catches the light beautifully.

– I am making more and more bespoke pieces, often using gold and stones from the customer’s own unworn heirloom jewellery. Designing in response to these stones has prompted me to make a collection of one of a kind rings, earrings and necklace. Each piece is truly unique and constructed around a particularly special precious gem. For example, the Catkin Oval Champagne Diamond Solitaire Ring has a simple composition which doesn’t take away from the majesty of the 0.9ct stone. I get such satisfaction seeing the one off pieces go to a happy home.

– So far the most popular pieces in the new range have been the coloured gem rings. These are becoming increasingly popular as engagement rings as people move away from diamonds. With quirky compositions, pieces like the Off-Set Aquamarine and Sapphire Coupled Dotty Ring are striking but compact enough to be practical.