8 ways to stand out from the crowd –  Groom Style

3 April 2017

Written by Melissa Woods of  THE UN-WEDDING.COM  >

In a world where fashion and gender roles are constantly evolving, it is not surprising that we are now seeing an exciting shift when it comes to modern groom style.

No longer content with blending into the background in the obligatory monkey suit and coordinating waistcoat, keeping him in line with the all of the other background details…. NO!… today’s modern groom likes to use the BIGGEST day of his life as a chance to show his lucky person what an awesome catch he really is… AMEN to that.

It’s important to remember that the wedding day is about both of you – who wants to upstage their other on the day, right? You should totally BOTH feel and look amazing! Sometimes even the tiniest details make the biggest impact. Here are 8 easy styling tips to wow everyone, including yourself!


Be True. Be you.
This is the biggest favour you can do yourself. If you are not a monkey suit kinda guy then don’t show up to the BIGGEST day of your life (and most photographed) wearing one. You’ll feel uncomfortable and it will show.

Accessories have often been described as the exclamation mark of an outfit (!) With that in mind, what better way to make your mark on your wedding day, than taking care of the details? A hat, some killer shoes, a pair of awesome shades…. it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself for the big day with something that you can wear time and time again.

Pick One Highlighting Feature.
Not everyone feels comfortable standing out from the crowd. If this is you then why not just pick one thing, one little detail and make it a bit special.
It could be a tie, something pinned to your jacket…. even your socks! Red shoes? Exactly, why not.
Whatever you feel comfortable with that still says ‘I’m getting married today and that’s not something I do every day!’

Try Colour Blocking.
Colour is a really important part of a wedding. The only problem is, it can get a bit boring and samey with every tiny detail having to match.
Instead of adding to those tiny details, why not be BOLD instead and think about colour blocking your look… even going one step further by opting for a lighter or darker shade than everything else.

Treat yourself.
Even the most low-maintenance guys should consider splashing out on themselves in some way  … bit of luxury, why not! Head for the barbers for a fresh hair cut, but not too fresh (we all know that feeling of having to settle into a new style)… invest in a new aftershave .. because if ever there was a time to get that expensive scent, it’s now! Treat yourself to some skincare products – theres some amazing brands out there for you guys now! Drink lots of water, eat well, buy fancy pants, use lip balm – just go for it!

Consider wearing separates.
Separates are one of the biggest trends in wedding fashion at the moment. This can easily be adapted for Grooms who don’t want to go down the ‘usual’ suit route.
Try looking for a statement jacket to go with some plain trousers or vice versa!

Be relevant.
Think about your location. What man wants to wear a suit to a beach wedding?….. unless its white linen, of course!

Stand out from the crowd.
More often than not we see the Groom and the Groomsmen in the exact same attire. What is that all about?
Just imagine if all of the Bridesmaids wore the same dress as the Bride… would that be ok? No, so why do it.
There are no rules when it comes to this stuff, people just think there are and everyone ends up doing the same thing.

So, bottom line?  Make your own rules.

Author Bio – Melissa Woods is Founder and Editor of  THE UN-WEDDING – A style blog and directory for modern couples looking for fresh ideas for their big day.
Images via // Green Wedding Shoes / Bespoke Bride / A Life Suited / The Sartorialist / Pinterest